Table 1 Anatomical descriptions of landmark sulci
Trait codeTrait full nameAnatomical description of sulcus
arspArcuate rectus spurPossible posterior spur off of junction of arcuate rectus inferior and superior projections.
csCentral sulcusMajor fold extending interiorly from midline of brain separating frontal and parietal brain lobes and curling rostrally or branching before reaching the lateral sulcus.
iarInferior arcuate rectusInferior branch of the arcuate rectus spanning from junction with arsp and/or sar to inferio-rostral edge of frontal lobe.
ipsIntraparietal sulcusOn lateral surface of parietal lobe spanning from inferio-frontal portion to intersection with lu just inferior to midline.
lfLateral fissureSeparates frontal and parietal lobes from temporal lobe and spans superior-posteriorly from superior-frontal edge of temporal lobe to approximate intersection with sts.
luLunate sulcusSeparates parietal and temporal lobes from occipital lobe and spans inferiorly from intersection with ips just inferior to midline.
psPrincipal sulcusRuns posterior-laterally from frontal edge of frontal lobe, ending just before intersection with iar.
sarSuperior arcuate rectusFrontal portion of arcuate rectus running fronto-laterally from intersection with iar and/or arsp.
stsSuperior temporal sulcusRuns superior-posteriorly from inferio-frontal edge of temporal lobe to approximate intersection with lf.
spcdSuperior precentral dimplePossible short lateral fold in frontal lobe superior to arcuate rectus.
Larsp_ynNon-metric: presence/absence of left hemisphere arsp.
Rarsp_ynNon-metric: presence/absence of right hemisphere arsp.
Lcs_forkedNon-metric: indicates whether the inferior tip of the left cs is forked or unforked.
Rcs_forkedNon-metric: indicates whether the inferior tip of the right cs is forked or unforked.
Lspcd_ynNon-metric: presence/absence of left hemisphere spcd.
Rspcd_ynNon-metric: presence/absence of right hemisphere spcd.
  • Anatomical characterization of the position on the hemisphere, proximal, and terminal ends of the 10 metric and 6 non-metric cortical-folding traits examined on each brain hemisphere. Left and right hemispheres were collected separately on different days. Non-metric traits are in boldface type.