Table 6 Candidate genes contained within peak region of the top two QTL
TraitLOD scoreBaboon chromosomeHuman chromosomePeak locus (cM)Width (cM)Candidate genes
lu3.181202q12616DNER, NMUR1, EFHD1, GIGYF2, NGEF
lu2.16307_213932Williams syndrome gene cluster (WBSCR22, FZD9, BAZ1B, MLXIPL); Down syndrome-related genes (GRIK1, OLIG2, RCAN1, SIM2, DYRK1A, BACE2, S100B)
  • Peak characteristics for the two QTL of highest priority, including candidate genes within confidence interval regions, are given. Listed genes have been empirically implicated in affecting neurological development and/or function.