Table 1 Genome statistics for P. caudatum as compared to P. biaurelia, P. tetraurelia, and P. sexaurelia
P. caudatumP. biaureliaP. tetraureliaP. sexaurelia
Genome size (Mb)30.577.072.168.0
Gene length (exons + introns) (bp)1,445.31,456.41,431.31,460.6
Average exon length (bp)399.0377.9418.8379.3
Average intron length (bp)24.731.424.230.3
Intergenic length (bp)110.0335.9261.3418.3
Genomic GC content (%)28.225.828.024.1
  • Lengths given for genes, exons, introns, and intergenic regions are genome averages. Regions containing gaps were removed from the analysis before calculating averages.