Table 2 Expectations regarding autosomal recombination in G2:F1 pedigrees based on Mendelian rules
Observed events in G1 vs. G23:40.747 (P = 0.78)
Same event type from opposite half-funnels1:11.00 (P = 1.00)
 Mf vs. Mm1.02
 Pf vs. Pm1.03
 MGM vs. PGM0.975
 MGP vs. PGP0.999
Singleton vs. shared events in G12:10.673 (P = 0.17)
  • Except when noted otherwise, the counts to which this table refers are those in Table 1. All P-values were obtained via a χ2-test with a single degree of freedom. A more detailed discussion of these expectations is provided in File S7.