Table 3 Effects used in the simulation study
Strain no.
Baseline additive−10−8−4−113712
Baseline sex × additive−66−55−44−33
Baseline maternal parent origin00000000
Treatment difference
 Additive treatment effect−531−24−23−2
 Sex × additive treatment effect−222−23−3−33
 Maternal treatment effect−33−33−33−33
  • Listed are diallel effects for baseline placebo and for treatment effects differences; all other effects were simulated to be zero. Sample size in each simulation is 115 of the 128 possible diallel categories selected with replacement. Average overall treatment effect is 2. Note that although we simulate no parent-of-origin maternal effect for placebo individuals (zero for all values), a maternal differentiating effect is observed in drug-treated samples, and thus the drug × maternal effect is present.