Table 1 Phenotypes collected
Filled diallel cells
(of 64)
Phenotype identifierDescriptionMeasured pre- and/or post-treatmentDefinition (units)Data transformationFemaleMaleAll
WeightBody weightPretreatmentWeight (g)log(x)626162
Brain HALBrain haloperidol levelPost-treatmentConcentration (nM)x605962
Plasma HALPlasma haloperidol levelPost-treatmentConcentration (nM)log(x)615962
EPSExtrapyramidal symptomsPre- and post-treatmentLatency to move on inclined screen (sec)Embedded Image626162
OFAOpen field activityPre- and post-treatmentDistance traveled (cm)Embedded Image626162
PPIPrepulse inhibitionPre- and post-treatmentPC1 of startle at 5 prepulse levelsEmbedded Image626162
VCMVacuous chewing movementsPre- and post-treatmentMovement score: overt + subtle + tongue + tremorlog(x)383638
  • Listed are the seven primary phenotypes examined before and after drug/placebo treatment within the 8 × 8 diallel. Phenotypes were transformed prior to statistical analysis. The final three columns show the depth of coverage across the full diallel.