Table 4 Conservation of the dauer pathway
C. elegans proteinCelePpacPredBxylMhapBmalAsuuTspiNvit
Guanylyl cyclases
TGFβ-like pathway
Insulin-like pathway
Steroid hormone
Other effectors
  • Shown are the number of proteins from each species analyzed that cluster as orthologs with the known C. elegans protein. “x” indicates that no proteins from the proteome used clustered with the known C. elegans protein. Descriptive labels for certain pathway components known in C. elegans are given in the first column. Results are based on an orthology analysis using the available proteomes and OrthoMCL (see Supporting Information).

  • a Note that, while daf-16 was not present in the version of the proteome that we used, it is known to be present in the P. pacificus genome (Ogawa et al. 2011).