Table 3 P. redivivus orthology statistics
Predicted proteins in P. redivivus24,249
P. redivivus proteins in clusters17,415
Clusters with P. redivivus proteins9,156
Clusters without P. redivivus proteins8,794
P. redivivus orphan proteins (unclustered)6,834
N:N orthologous protein clusters1,664
1:1 orthologous protein clusters521
Orthologous protein clusters including all nematode taxa but no insect ortholog281
  • The P. redivivus genome and transcriptome reveal 27,266 proteins. Of these, 443 proteins are conserved at a 1:1 ratio across seven other nematodes, listed in Table 6, and the insect outgroup N. vitripennis. Only 266 orthologous protein clusters in this data set were exclusively nematode proteins.