Table 1 Features of the P. redivivus genome and transcriptome
Genome characteristicsP. redivivusC. elegansB. xylophilusA. suum
Estimated genome size (Mb)64.410074.6272
N50 (bp)26,2414a1,158,000407,899
GC content (%)44.2535.440.437.9
Repetitive sequences (%)7.1224.4
Average intron length (bp)1633201531,081
Average exon length (bp)288201.6288.9153
Average no. of exons per gene46.54.56
  • The total estimated genome size of P. redivivus is 64.4 Mb based on our sequence data from the genome and transcriptome.

  • a Fully sequenced genome, end-to-end.