Table 3  Summary of results from phenotypic and QTL analyses of embryo abortion rate (EAR) in F2 and F3 generations of 1680 × UH400
Phenotypic results
 No. of familiesNo.132116
 No. of SSR lociNo.106106
 Average number of testcross seedsNo.344399
 Genetic variance Formula%0.68**1.31**
 Repeatability (w2)%6873
QTL results
 Position (Support interval)cM52 (50–56)60 (56–66)
 Flanking markersbnlg2180, umc1917umc1811, umc1770
 Proportion of genetic variance explained Formula%34.1314.18
 Additive effect%0.97**0.97**
  • ** Significant at P < 0.01.