Table 1  Number of families (NF) and marker loci (NL) used for QTL analyses in the four populations and various generations; the average number of seeds (NS) used to determine the haploid induction rates (HIR); and the corresponding estimates of the genetic variance components (Formula), repeatabilities (w2), means, and ranges for HIR
Population–generationCodeNFNLNSHIR [%]
CAUHOI × UH400-F2CAU-F2185892468.25**695.20.5–15.5
CAUHOI × UH400-F2:3CAU-F3161891891.52**462.30.0–8.0
CAUHOI × UH400-F2:4CAU-F4124893173.50**762.40.0–10.3
1680 × UH400-F21680-F21241062376.59**912.80.0–15.6
1680 × UH400-F2:31680-F311310626410.65**852.90.0–13.4
CML395 × UH400-F2:3CML395-F31711911530.40**400.60.0–5.0
CML495 × UH400-F2:3CML495-F31831831711.88**880.80.0–12.9
  • ** Significant at P < 0.01.