Table 1  Program statistical analyses by experimental weeks
Week(s)ActivityKey conceptsSuccess rate (%)aFavorite experiment (%)b
1Examining differences in phenotypes among the studentsPhenotype vs. genotype, dominant and recessive, hypotheses1008.7
2Studying lactose hydrolysisEnzymes, positive control, negative control, mutations10015.9
3Testing for salivary amylase activityEnzymes, mutations95c20.3
4–5Using yeast to study defects in the ADE2 geneModel organisms, enzymes, mutations10024.6
6–7“Curing” cells of the ade2Δ phenotypeModel organisms, enzymes, mutations95d27.5
  • a Percentage of students who successfully completed the experiment and got the expected result.

  • b Percentage of students who indicated on the final survey that this was their favorite experiment.

  • c Percentage of students who got the same result for their two independent replicates.

  • d Unexpected results were due to either incorrect labeling or failure to apply the yeast strain.