Information regarding selection signatures that were observed in at least four of the five dairy breeds

BTAStartEndMaximumGene closest to maximumAnnotatedNon-Annotated
5*26,178,04727,291,07326,708,796PLXNC1, plexin C131
549,933,34051,644,70451,399,583HELB, helicase (DNA) B61
7*9,602,44713,106,37410,876,588GADD45GIP1, growth arrest and DNA-damage-inducible, gamma interacting protein 11712
847,900,17649,116,89748,473,800MAMDC2, MAM domain containing 241
8*52,301,02653,991,68253,113,746RORB, RAR-related orphan receptor B34
938,191,17339,369,49439,369,494MARCKS, myristoylated alanine-rich protein kinase C substrate lac20
11*29,156,92730,507,89029,775,412EPAS1, endothelial PAS domain protein 182
11*67,359,65968,382,92668,274,305ETAA1, Ewing tumor-associated antigen 111
12*84,307,07385,109,16784,711,550CUL4A, cullin 4A193
13NS32,892,49933,741,17333,073,175EPC1, enhancer of polycomb homolog 160
15*45,666,73947,416,47645,768,306PRKCDBP, protein kinase C, delta binding protein522
1638,698,09041,234,96838,698,447AGTRAP, angiotensin II receptor-associated protein243
17808,3182,265,8231,590,263TLL1, tolloid-like 130
1950,972,22751,660,32150,972,227PSMD12, proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, non-ATPase, 12163
2043,989,37144,669,00344,195,229PDZD2, PDZ domain containing 232
214,805,8086,846,5015,896,027MEF2A, myocyte enhancer factor 2A82
2123,905,74524,660,80324,409,362BNC1, basonuclin 124
2128,945,15929,649,20829,561,180CHRNA7, cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha 732
234,019,3186,608,0196,210,051LOC100141197 similar to Uncharacterized calcium-binding protein KIAA049427
23*30,661,70031,663,66931,374,887HMGN4, high mobility group nucleosomal binding domain 42234
2622,389,52623,604,85923,099,901CRISP1, cysteine-rich secretory protein 173
285,303,0706,437,3295,781,123TARBP1, TAR (HIV-1) RNA binding protein 152
2826,871,62827,364,76727,041,597CDH23, cadherin-like 2340
2833,551,44434,691,30134,176,363LOC786412, similar to laminin receptor22
  • Chromosome (BTA) and starting, ending, and maximum base pairs of regions with a significant (P < 0.01, genome-wide) signature in at least four of the five breeds, the gene closest to the maximum and the number of annotated and nonannotated (genes found within the signature. *Highly significant (P < 0.01, genome-wide) selection signature observed in all five dairy breeds; NS, nonsignificant across breeds.