Strains used in this study

Strain nameGenotypeaOrigin or reference
FGSC 6103his-3; AFGSC
FGSC 4564ad-3B cyh-1 am1FGSC
R15-7his-3; aDementhon et al. (2006)
N2283his-3∷Pccg-1-hH1-sgfp aFreitag et al. (2004)
C9-2het-c2 pin-c2 thr-2 aSmith et al. (2000)
C9-15het-c2 pin-c2 thr-2 ASmith et al. (2000)
FGSC 11308Δvib-1 aFGSC
FGSC 11309Δvib-1 AFGSC
FGSC 12180ΔNCU04729 aFGSC
FGSC 17936Δime-2 aFGSC
FGSC 17937Δime-2 AFGSC
KD13-21his-3; Δvib-1 ADementhon et al. (2006)
KD13-51Δvib-1; pan-2 ADementhon et al. (2006)
KD13-33Δvib-1; pan-2 aDementhon et al. (2006)
KD13-01het-c2 pin-c2 thr-2; Δvib-1 aDementhon et al. (2006)
KD13-23his-3; het-c2 pin-c2; Δvib-1; pan-2 ADementhon et al. (2006)
D49.5ΔNCU09915; ΔNCU04729 aFGSC 12180 × FGSC 12534
D9V.8bhis-3; ΔNCU09915; Δvib-1 AKD13-23 × D49.5
D9V.12bΔNCU09915; Δvib-1; pan-2 aKD13-23 × D49.5
D9V.18bΔNCU09915; Δvib-1 aKD13-23 × D49.5
D49V.2bhis-3; ΔNCU09915; Δvib-1; ΔNCU04729 AKD13-23 × D49.5
D49V.17bΔNCU09915; Δvib-1; ΔNCU04729 aKD13-23 × D49.5
D9.4his-3; ΔNCU09915 aFGSC 12534 × R15-7
D9.1het-c2 pin-c2 thr-2; ΔNCU09915 aFGSC 12534 × C9-2
D4.3his-3; ΔNCU04729 AFGSC 12180 × FGSC 6103
D4.9het-c2 pin-c2 thr-2; ΔNCU04729 AFGSC 12180 × C9-15
D49.10his-3; ΔNCU09915; ΔNCU04729 AD49.5 × FGSC 6103
D49.01his-3; ΔNCU09915; ΔNCU04729 aD49.5 × FGSC 6103
D49.33thr-2; ΔNCU09915; ΔNCU04729 AD49.5 × C9-15
D49.28het-c2 pin-c2 thr-2; ΔNCU09915; ΔNCU04729 aD49.5 × C9-15
D9I.7Δime-2; ΔNCU09915 AFGSC 12534 × FGSC 17936
DVI.4Δime-2; Δvib-1 aFGSC 11309 × FGSC 17936
D9VI.5Δime-2; ΔNCU09915; Δvib-1 ADVI.4 × FGSC 12534
  • FGSC, Fungal Genetics Stock Center.

  • a Strains are of the het-c1 pin-c1 genotype unless otherwise indicated.

  • b het-c pin-c genotypes of these strains were not tested.