Reduction in average loss (PRIAL, in percent), for estimates of the genetic (Embedded Image), error (Embedded Image), and phenotypic (Embedded Image) covariance matrix, together with mean entropy loss (×100) in unpenalized REML estimates of Embedded Image, the proportion of replicates (W, in percent) for which penalized estimation increased the loss in Embedded Image, and the mean tuning factor (ψ), for different constellations (A,…, K) of population values (see Table 1) and penalties on the original (ORG) or logarithmic (LOG) scale

125 families
Embedded Image23263612533148158279611555439
        Embedded Image8663456541609483405544
        Embedded Image7251291911326343111533
        Embedded Image86321122011
        Embedded Image8862406955739685908187
        Embedded Image7451261022136544171913
        Embedded Image86312132111
50 families
Embedded Image9010318338216945270479111021021868
        Embedded Image9185807678709690476544
        Embedded Image7565463427606453192663
        Embedded Image97532122111
        Embedded Image9285777482819893888186
        Embedded Image7666472739256555222817
        Embedded Image87534232111
  • Bondari's design with 125 or 50 families is shown.