The character and indirect evidence that indicator QTL influence seed yield

TraitBranch no.Biomass yieldFlowering timeMaturity timePlant heightPod no.Seed no.Seed weightTotal or mean
No./proportion (%) of consensus QTL chosen as indicator QTL5/11.44/20.016/28.15/9.613/29.55/14.38/22.97/11.963/18.2
Average distance between peak position of indicator QTL and seed yield QTL (cM)
Average proportion (%) of overlapped confidence interval between indicator QTL and seed yield QTL80.178.381.892.579.580.471.983.680.9
Coincidence (+)/opposition (−) between additive-effect direction of indicator QTL and seed yield QTL4+/1−4+4+/12−1+/4−12+/1−4+/1−8+6+/1−43+/20−