Haplotype number and type, estimated number of mutations, and recombinations per kb observed in the sample of 194 accessions for the six genes under survey

Sequence length (kb)1.3311.0081.5251.3772.2673.771
Total length covered (kb)3.9522.313a3.933b16.474a3.0624.251
Number of haplotypes6126122221
Number of major haplotypes121433
Number of minor haplotypesc510581918
Number of mutations/kbd16.56.05.918.212.313.5
Number of indels/kbd1.
Estimated minimal number of recombinationd100220
Estimated minimal number of recombination events/total length covered (kb)0.25000.120.650
  • a Length covered based on the maize sequence accession.

  • b Length covered based on the rice sequence accession.

  • c Haplotype with frequency <10%

  • d Based on concatenated sequences, using DnaSP (Rozas et al. 2003).