Strains used in this study

StrainRelevant featuresSource or reference
CAG12177MG1655 atoS∷Tn10Singer et al. (1989)
DH5αrecA1 endA1Strain collection
HT253W3110 pdxJ8∷ΔTn10Strain collection
JM105F′ lacIq proAB/endA Δ(lac-proAB)Yanisch-Perron et al. (1985)
LH530F′ lacIq proAB/endA Δ(lac-proAB) TsHirvas et al. (1997)
MC1061araD139 Δ(ara-leu)7696Strain collection
Top10F′F′ lacIq Tn10 (TetR)/ϕ80∷lacZ ΔM15 ΔlacX74 recA1 endA1Invitrogen (San Diego)
JW0757-1ΔaraBAD ΔlacZ ΔbioA746∷kanCGSC; Baba et al. (2006)
JW0014-1ΔaraBAD ΔlacZ ΔdnaJ735∷kanCGSC; Baba et al. (2006)
CY1783ΔaraBAD ΔlacZ bioA746∷lacZYThis study
CY1817ΔaraBAD ΔlacZ ΔdnaJ735∷lacZYThis study
NRD142LH530 atoS∷Tn10This study
NRD148JM105 atoS∷Tn10 TsThis study
NRD150MC1061 ΔompCkanThis study
NRD151MC1061 ΔyojIkanThis study
NRD153MC1061 ΔrcsCkanThis study
NRD159MC1061 ΔatoBkanThis study
NRD161MC1061 ΔnapBkanThis study
NRD163MC1061 ΔccmHkanThis study
NRD169MC1061 ΔyejKkanThis study
NRD178aMC1061 ΔyejMkanThis study
NRD183JM105 ΔyejMkan carrying pNRD217This study
NRD184MC1061 yejM569kanThis study
NRD187JM105 yejM569kanThis study
  • CGSC, Coli Genetic Stock Center (Yale University).

  • a This strain also carries a chromosomal duplication of the yejM region (see text).