Computation times (last four columns) for computing recombination statistics and P-values in large data sets

Data setSegregating sitesNo. sequencesP-valueΔm,n,2 (min)MR-30,1Chim-SpChim-2006
Dengue E618693.3 × 10−5286 min24 min∼100 hr
Human mtDNA10792624.6 × 10−36∼180 hr∼48 hr∼550 days
Influenza HA31630814∼43 hr9 hr∼105 days
  • All times and estimates are for a single 3.2-GHz processor. Dengue data are serotype 2 from Holmes et al. (1999); human mitochondrial DNA sequences are a subset of distinct strains from Kivisild et al. (2006); influenza seqeunces are New Zealand H3N2 isolates from 2000–2005 analyzed in Boni (2007). The P-value reported in this table is the minimum P-value (testing with Δm,n,2) from all comparisons in a data set, corrected with a Dunn–Šidák correction.