Enhancers and suppressors of Bchs overexpression eye phenotype

Gene and alleleModificationBloomington stock no.Homologs, protein domains, and functions
Vesicle trafficking
atg100305En11484Serine/threonine kinase, Tor effector
atg600096En11487Beclin-1, mitochondrial protein
atg18KG03090WEn13945WD40 domains, binds PIP3-5P2 lipid
atg2EP3697Su17156Hydrophilic protein, preautophagic structure
atg8aEP362Su14639LC3, lipid attachment and microtubule binding
orange49hEn2385ξ-subunit of AP-3 complex
ruby1En/Su88β-subunit of AP-3 complex
garnet1En/Su12δ-subunit of AP-3 complex
carmine1En/Su21μ-subunit of AP-3 complex
spinsterk09905En10948Integral membrane protein
deep orange1En3936Vps18p, ubiquitin ligase E3
deep orange4En35Vps18p, ubiquitin ligase E3
deep orange8En28Vps18p, ubiquitin ligase E3
carnation1En19Vps 33, sec1 protein
ras oppositeG27SEn4381Rop, munc-18, n-Sec1
syntaxin 1AΔ229En4379SNARE, coiled-coil, vesicle targeting
syntaxin 1301470En11536SNARE, coiled-coil, vesicle targeting
hook1En306Coiled-coiled, MVB interactions
rab1193BiSEn4158Small GTPase
rab11j2D1SEn12148Small GTPase
lightoid1En338Rab-RP1, a GTPase
claret1En459Guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF)
Cytoskeletal and motor proteins
dlic2G0190En11951Dynein LC, microtubule-based motor activity
dlic2G0065En11696Dynein LC, microtubule-based motor activity
btvBG01771En12589Dynein HC, microtubule-based motor activity
α-tubulin84B5En241284B, cytoskeletal and microtubule constituent
α-tubulin84B7En223784B, cytoskeletal and microtubule constituent
β-tubulin DWEn245185D, cytoskeletal and microtubule constituent
Ubiquitin and SUMO pathway
smt3k06307En10419SUMO, ubiquitin-like protein
lesswrightr05486En11410SUMO-conjugating enzyme
uba1s3484En10461E1 ubiquitin-activating enzyme
effetemer1En4656UbcD1, ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
CG1490En14505Ubiquitin-specific protease 7
  • Modifier genes that also demonstrate a phenotypic change with a corresponding deletion chromosome from the second and third deficiency kit screens are underlined. En, enhancer; WEn, weak enhancer; Su, suppressor; En/Su, complex modifier; SEn, strong enhancer.