Gynandromorph frequencies among F3 progeny of various backcrosses

Proportion of F3 gynandromorphs from F2 female genotypesProportion of F3 gynandromorphs from heterozygous mothers
Grandparental cross (male × female)F1 backcross maleNuclear
HiCD12 × Or123Or123Or0.010 (1026, 17)0.054a (989, 17)0.0470.061
Or123 × HiCD12Or123H0.024 (917, 16)0.122a (673, 15)0.1130.131
HiCD12 × Or123HiCD12Or0.178 (732, 16)0.250a (552, 13)0.1560.197
Or123 × HiCD12HiCD12H0.225 (451, 12)0.513a (659, 16)0.1880.267
  • Grandparental crosses between HiCD12 and Or123 yielded F1 females that were backcrossed to either strain. The resulting F2 females were bred as virgins at 31° and the resulting F3 progeny were scored for gynandromorphs and eye color. The number of F3 individuals and families are given in parentheses.

  • a A significantly higher proportion of gynandromorphs in comparison to the other phenotype within the same cross.