Mean proportions of gynandromorphs among the offspring of HiCD12 N. vitripennis virgin females

Period after egg laying at 20°Proportion of gynandromorphsNo. of offspring
0–40.334 (b)0.0346.24 (a)0.85
4–80.307 (b)0.0257.65 (a)0.72
8–120.147 (a)0.0327.23 (a)0.88
12–160.119 (a)0.0327.35 (a)0.86
16–200.129 (a)0.0377.46 (a)0.91
20–240.113 (a)0.0238.86 (a)1.11
Control 20°0.097 (a)0.0329.10 (a)1.42
  • Virgin females parasitized hosts at 20° during 4 hr and subsequently hosts were placed at 31° after various intervals of 4 hr. Different lowercase letters in parentheses indicate a significant difference at the 5% level.