Yeast strains and plasmids used

Strain or plasmidGenotype or descriptionReference or source
S. cerevisiae
 W303MATa ade2-1 trp1 can1-100 leu2-3,112 his3-11,15 ura3D. Thiele
 KMY52W303 sch9Δ::HIS3This study
 KMY59W303 sch9Δ::HIS3 hsc82Δ::LEU2This study
 KMY61W303 hsc82Δ::LEU2R. Gaber
 KMY67W303 sch9Δ::HIS3 sse1Δ::kanMX2This study
 KMY69W303 sse1Δ::kanMX2This study
 ATY1W303 sse2Δ::LEU2This study
 ATY2W303 sse1Δ::kanMX2 sse2Δ::LEU2 pYEp24-SSE1This study
 ATY4W303 sch9Δ::HIS3 sse1Δ::kanMX2 cdc25Δ::hphMX4This study
 PHY1340W303 MATa ras2-23Howard et al. (2001)
 PHY1452W303 MATa cdc25-1Howard et al. (2001)
 SP1MATa his3 leu2 ura3 trp1 ade8 canCameron et al. (1988)
 RS13-58A-1SP1 tpk1w tpk2::HIS3 tpk3::TRP1 bcy1::LEU2Cameron et al. (1988)
 pYEp24URA3 cloning vectorD. Thiele
 pYEp24-SSE1SSE1 gene cloned into pYEp24Mukai et al. (1993)
 pA5-BLibrary isolate containing IRA1This study
 pF3Library isolate containing IRA2This study
 p416GPDCEN, URA3 vector with GPD promoterMumberg et al. (1995)
 p416GPDBCY1BCY1 ORF cloned into p416GPDThis study
 YEplacPDE22μ plasmid containing PDE2 geneP. Herman
 P416CUP1CEN, URA3 vector with CUP1 promoterLabbe and Thiele (1999)
 p416CUP1MSN2MSN2 ORF cloned into p416CUP1This study
 p415CDC25CDC25 gene cloned into pRS415 (LEU2)S. Klein
 pPHY796MET3-RAS2val19 cloned into pRS416Howard et al. (2001)
 pCT31/32STRE-lacZ reporter plasmidSchmitt and McEntee (1996)