rpoS::Tn10 does not affect Lac+ colony formation

Average days to Lac+ colony
formation ± SDa
A. Point mutant Lac+rpoS+rpoS::Tn10
Day 22.1 ± 0.22.1 ± 0.03
Day 52.1 ± 0.042.1 ± 0.05
Average days to Lac+ colony
formation (single experiment)b
B. Amplified Lac+rpoS+rpoS::Tn10Average of rpoS+/rpoS ± SD
(three experiments)c
Isolate ± 0.12
Isolate ± 0.06
Isolate ± 0.15
Isolate ± 0.10
Isolate ± 0.04
Isolate ± 0.07
Isolate ± 0.03
Isolate, 1.3c
Isolate ± 0.19
  • a Values are the averaged “average days to colony formation” (determined in reconstruction experiments as described; Hastings et al. 2000) of 10 independent Lac+ isolates for rpoS+ and 9 for rpoS::Tn10. Lac+ colonies were scored each day for 5 days. Point mutant isolates are: day 2 rpoS+, SMR3804-3810, SMR3812-3814; day 5 rpoS+, SMR3855-3856, SMR3858-3865; day 2 rpoS, SMR6544-6552; day 5 rpoS, SMR6561-6570. Two additional experiments gave similar results.

  • b Values are for a single culture of each genotype from one experiment. Lac+ colonies were scored each day for 9 days. Amplified isolates (in order 1-9) are: rpoS+, SMR6413, SMR6416, SMR6418, SMR6429, SMR6451, SMR6459, SMR6464, SMR6474, SMR6483; rpoS, SMR6689-6692, SMR6694-6698.

  • c Average of the ratio (rpoS+/rpoS) of the “average days to colony formation” from three experiments with one culture of each genotype, except for isolate 8 (ratios for two experiments are given).