Escherichia coli K-12 strains

StrainRelevant genotypeReference or source
CAG12182MG1655 cysI3152::Tn10kanE. coli Genetic Stock Center (Yale); Singer et al. (1989)
CAG18425MG1655 thrA3092::Tn10kanE. coli Genetic Stock Center (Yale); Singer et al. (1989)
CAG18561MG1655 eda-3126::Tn10kanE. coli Genetic Stock Center (Yale); Singer et al. (1989)
CAG18579MG1655 trpC3117::Tn10kanE. coli Genetic Stock Center (Yale); Singer et al. (1989)
CAG18604MG1655 zgf-3156::Tn10kanE. coli Genetic Stock Center (Yale); Singer et al. (1989)
FC29Δ(lac-proB)XIII ara thi[F′Δ(lacI-lacZ)]Cairns and Foster (1991)
FC36Δ(lac-proB)XIII ara thi RifRCairns and Foster (1991)
FC40Δ(lac-proB)XIII ara thi RifR[F′ lacI33-lacZ proAB+]Cairns and Foster (1991)
MG1655rpoS+E. coli Genetic Stock Center (Yale)
SMR533FC40 malB::Tn9FC40 × P1(SMR305)
SMR820FC40 lexA3 malB::Tn9McKenzie et al. (2001)
SMR868FC40 lexA3McKenzie et al. (2000)
SMR3462Δ(lac-proB)XIII ara thi RifR malB::Tn9FC36 × P1(SMR533)
SMR3804-3810, SMR3812-3814FC40 Lac+ (growth-dependent)Independent spontaneous growth-dependent mutants; McKenzie et al. (1998)
SMR3855-3856, SMR3858-3865FC40 Lac+ (day 5)Independent isolates; McKenzie et al. (1998)
SMR4562Δ(lac-proB)XIII ara thi RifR[F′ lacI33-lacZ proAB+]Independent construction of FC40; McKenzie et al. (2000)
SMR6413, -6416, -6418, -6429, -6451, -6459, -6464, -6474, -6483SMR4562 Lac+ amplifiedIndependent isolates; Hastings et al. (2000)
SMR6499SMR4562 cysI3152::Tn10kanSMR4562 × P1(CAG12182)
SMR6541SMR4562 rpoS::Tn10SMR4562 × P1(ZK1268)
SMR6544-6552SMR6541 Lac+Growth-dependent Lac+ isolates of SMR6541
SMR6553-6560SMR4562 rpoS::Tn10 Lac+SMR3804-3810, -3812 × P1(ZK1268)
SMR6561-6570SMR6541 Lac+Independent day 5 Lac+ isolates of SMR6541
SMR6577SMR4562 rpoS+ (rpoS+ from MG1655)SMR6499 × P1(MG1655)
SMR6578SMR6541 lexA3 malB::Tn9SMR6541 × P1(SMR820)
SMR6579SMR6541 lexA3Mal+ revertant of SMR6578
SMR6689-6692, SMR6694-6698SMR4562 rpoS::Tn10 Lac+ amplifiedSMR6413, -6416, -6418, -6429, -6451, -6459, -6464, -6474, -6483 × P1(ZK1268)
SMR6993SMR4562 thrA3092::Tn10kanSMR4562 × P1(CAG18425)
SMR6994SMR6541 thrA3092::Tn10kanSMR6541 × P1(CAG18425)
SMR7037SMR4562 trpC3117::Tn10kanSMR4562 × P1(CAG18579)
SMR7038SMR6541 trpC3117::Tn10kanSMR6541 × P1(CAG18579)
ZK1268rpoS::Tn10 (allele originally named katF13::Tn10)Loewen and Triggs (1984)