Peak statistics for life-span QTL

C1 + C2 peak position (cM)C3 peak position (cM)Peak (C1)Values (C2)Combined C1 + C2 peaksStandardized effect of QTL (2ap)
lsq1 I12 ↔ 1715 ↔
lsq3 III6 ↔ 1412 ↔
lsq4a IV–5 ↔ 5–5 ↔ 316.49.723.814.50.26
lsq4b IV7 ↔ 12+8.311.28.521.013.20.26
lsq5a V–1 ↔ 2–4 ↔
lsq5b V3 ↔ 9(5 ↔ 7)
lsqXb X9 ↔
lsqXc X20 ↔ 2520 ↔

For each QTL peak identified, columns from left to right indicate: its chromosome; the peak location on that chromosome in centimorgans, with respect to the standard C. elegans genetic map (upper axes in Figure 1), indicating 95% confidence intervals for samples C1 and C2 combined or approximate locations for C3; peak significance values (LODCTIM and ZNpIM scores for C1, C2, or both combined); and the standardized QTL effect (calculated as the selection coefficient divided by the selection intensity; see Falconer and Mackay 1996).