Temperature dependence and penetrance of glp-1(Pro) phenotypes

Germline pattern phenotypea
GenotypeTemperature% wild type% Pro% other(n)
  • a The Pro phenotype is strictly defined as the presence of mitotic germ nuclei proximalmost in the germ line, proximal to mature gametes, and distal to the spermatheca. Other phenotypes include Class A and Class B: Class A is defined as an extended distal mitotic zone with gametes proximalmost and Class B is defined as discrete patches of mitotic and meiotic nuclei in the distal arm. A combination of Class A and Class B can occur in the same gonad arm (“Class A + Class B”), as can a combination of Pro and Class B (“Pro + Class B”). See text for details.

  • b Strain was grown at 25°.

  • c Other: Class A.

  • d Actual genotype: dpy-17(e164) glp-1(ar224)/unc-32(e189) glp-1(ar224). dpy-17(e164) and unc-32(e189) are reces- sive mutations (see materials and methods).

  • e % Pro includes 78% Pro + Class B.

  • f Other includes 6% Class A + Class B and 2% Tum.