Power of the ln RV test statistic in dependence of r

Formula Formula Formula
Formula VarianceFSFormula VarianceFSFormula VarianceFS
r = 0.1−1.922.450.41−2.031.860.46−1.650.810.34
r = 0.05−2.512.550.56−2.481.950.63−2.100.840.53
r = 0.01−−3.241.830.86−2.750.650.83
  • One locus was subjected to directional selection and 99 loci evolved neutrally. r, fraction to which variability was reduced due to linkage to a selected site; FS, fraction of significant (P < 0.05) simulations; Formula , mean ln RV value of the selected locus over 1000 simulation runs; Variance, variance of ln RV at the selected locus over 1000 simulation runs with t (time elapsed since the selective sweep in 2Ne) set to 0.02Ne.