Mantel tests of the correspondence between geography, genetics, and language

Austronesian populationsOceanic populations
CorrelationrP valuerP value
FST vs. geography0.460.003*0.580.004*
FST vs. language0.370.0530.510.013*
FST vs. geography (language)0.320.022*0.680.001*
FST vs. language (geography)0.150.2730.640.000*
  • Two sets of populations were studied: 10 populations that speak Austronesian languages (the two sampled from Borneo were pooled) and 7 populations that speak Oceanic languages. The correlation is measured separately between genetic distances and linguistic distances and between genetic distances and geographical distances. Then the partial correlation is measured for each of the above relationships while controlling for the effect of the third matrix. Significance is measured by 1000 permutations. *P values <0.05.