Dating estimates for the five lineages with >35 representatives

LineageNAge estimate95% limitsAge estimate95% limitsExpansion
10.1 + 10.25728201970–422067503170–16,6406.3 (0.3–37.2)
10.25023101620–347057802500–13,0006.1 (1.8–16)
243758404090–876059003270–12,15034.7 (17.8–87.5)
26.4481210840–18101760780–466054.5 (19.9–96.8)
26.66137102600–556044302200–10,65042.7 (14.1–80.4)
  • Two dating methods, ASD and BATWING, are compared. All estimates are rounded to the nearest 10 years. ASD confidence limits are based on uncertainty in the mutation rate. BATWING age estimates are based on the median of the posterior distribution for the TMRCA of each lineage and the limits of the 95% even-tailed interval. The final column gives the median of the posterior distribution for the time since the population started growing exponentially, together with the limits of the even-tailed 95% interval in parentheses, both expressed as percentages of the age of the lineage.