Sequence data for lines with a seedling-lethal phenotype

LineaSeedling phenotypeNucleotide accession no.bInsertion sitescChr.dProtein function (gene)e
245Pale greenAL13708066003Peptide chain release factor 2 (E. coli RF-2)
868AlbinoAL16151593008, 13414f4N/A
1055AlbinoAL1615429579, 96374CLA1, d-1-deoxyxylulose-5-phosphate synthaseg
2490Pale greenAB008270379135Cp protein import (B. napus Toc36)h
3963Abnormal leaves, smallAB010695371295DNA repair nuclease (S. cerevisiae MRE11)
4036AlbinoAB00905331380, 314125d-1-Deoxyxylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase
4144Pale greenAL1615151183664Cp ATP synthase δ-subunit (tobacco atpD)h
4788Albino; fusca (sucrose)iAC002505604512Pyrimidine permease (maize Lpe1)
5283Reduced rootAC004473328581RNA splicing (S. cerenisiae PRP31)
45928Surface blotchy and roughAC02541633063, 330661KEULE, vesicle traffickingg
ET1158AlbinoAC0059365647, 56552Zn finger (potato PCP1)
ET4401AlbinoAC002062587541Unknown functionf
AC01079656421Between two genesf
ET5262No root or leavesAC0262381505, 15131β-1,3-Endoglucanase-like (wheat E13B)
GT0946AlbinoAC00413621164, 2117324-Diphosphocytidyl-2C-methyl-d-erythritol synthase
GT1209Pale yellowAC007592331001Unknown function
GT1354AlbinoAC00653354823, 548232Unknown function
GT1802YellowAL16149691363, 913704Cytochrome b6-f complex iron-sulfur subunit (spinach)
GT1998AlbinoAC006072421102PAC, Cp mRNA maturation?g,h
GT6839Pale yellow, then albinoAC00683784110, 841112tatC, Cp protein importh
GT8096Yellow, then albinoAC00683783652, 836592tatC, Cp protein importh
ET7536YellowAC00683784166, 841722tatC, Cp protein importh
  • a Ds lines start with “ET” or “GT.” Other lines are T-DNA.

  • b Arabidopsis genomic sequence (GenBank).

  • c Position of insertion within nucleotide accession. If only one site is listed, the sequence flanking the other border was not determined precisely. Small deletions often accompanied an insertion. For the Ds lines, an 8-bp duplication was often observed.

  • d The chromosome location based on sequence identity with a genomic sequence entry in GenBank.

  • e Protein functions and similar genes assigned on the basis of BLAST searches. Characterized genes not from Arabidopsis list the organism in parentheses. Expect values from BLASTP searches for protein reported were <10−17.

  • f Line appears to have a deletion or rearrangement affecting more than one gene.

  • g Arabidopis mutants are known for CLA1 (Mandel et al. 1996), KEULE (Assaad et al. 2001), DET1 (Pepper et al. 1994), and PAC (Reiter et al. 1994).

  • h Cp, chloroplast.

  • i Albino phenotype without sucrose in media; fusca phenotype with sucrose in media.