Number of insertion loci in seedling-lethal mutants

No. of insertion lociaT-DNA (%)bDs transposon (%)b
Single locus90 (53)72 (94)
Two loci35 (21)5 (6)
More than two loci44 (26)0 (0)
Not determined238c21d
  • a Number of loci was determined from the ratio of resistant to sensitive (R:S) seedlings on appropriate selective media. Single locus, R:S < 6.0; two loci, 6.0 < R:S < 20; more than two loci, R:S > 20.

  • b Number of lines in each category is listed. Percentages do not include the “not determined” lines.

  • c Includes 2 lines with all sensitive progeny.

  • d Includes 20 lines with all resistant progeny that are likely to be homozygous for the Ds element.