Numbers of synonymous, nonsynonymous, singleton (r = 1), and nonsingleton (r > 1) sites in Z. perennis and Z. diploperennis

All sitesSynonymousNonsynonymous
GeneSpeciesTotalr = 1r > 1Totalr = 1r > 1Totalr = 1r > 1
adh1Z. diploperennis381820514220
Z. perennis511635734532
glb1Z. diploperennis21147422743
Z. perennis43113210191468
c1Z. diploperennis1679321532
Z. perennis1349312202
waxyZ. diploperennis16610413523
Z. perennis29821927312
TotalZ. diploperennis9145461661019118
Z. perennis136399729722241014
  • 2 x 2 contingency tests were conducted to compare the distribution of (i) singleton vs. nonsingleton polymorphisms within each species and between the two species at all, synonymous, and nonsynonymous sites; and (ii) total synonymous to total nonsynonymous polymorphisms within each species. Tests were conducted for each gene separately and for all of the data together. Fisher’s exact tests comparing the distribution of singleton to nonsingleton polymorphisms at all sites in glb1 and all genes together were both significant at P < 0.01 (underlined data). All other tests were not significant at P > 0.10.

  • Data from the putatively introgressed glb1 allele (Zea diploperennis 1a) are not included.