Summary of variation, tests of neutral evolution, and estimates of recombination at the adh1, c1, glb1, and waxy loci in the diploid Zea diploperennis and tetraploid Zea perennis

adh1Z. diploperennis980.0180.0170.00180.0010.15-0.24NS5.6
Z. perennis16100.0160.0170.00380.0030.250.16P < 0.0512.9
glb1Z. diploperennis960.0170.0120.00650.006-1.20-1.47NS0.6
Z. perennis15100.0180.0220.0080.0080.490.24NS13.8
c1Z. diploperennis14110.0090.0100.0060.00450.019-0.38NS62.1
Z. perennis15100.0080.0070.00280.0036-0.260.098NS28.5
waxyZ. diploperennis1090.0050.0060.0030.003-0.330.015NS14.7
Z. perennis20120.0100.0100.00160.00160.130.20NS25.2
  • NS, nonsignificant at P > 0.05. N, number of alleles; H, number of haplotypes; θS and πS (per site) were calculated using only silent sites; θN and πN (per site) were calculated using only nonsynonymous sites; D, Tajima’s D; D*, Fu and Li’s D; MK, McDonald-Kreitman test; C, recombination parameter per gene. The numbers of silent sites used to calculate θ and π were 832 for adh, 408 for c1, 582 (Z. diploperennis), and 563 (Z. perennis) for glb, and 687 (Z. diploperennis) and 628 (Z. perennis) for waxy. The numbers of sites in the two species differ because of indels.