B-A stocks and testers used to produce dosage series

B-A stockMarker geneTester stock
TB-1SbP1-vv (Ac)r1:sc-m3 (Ds)
TB-1La Bz2 bz2
TB-2Sa B1-peru b1; r1
TB-3La A1 a1
TB-4Sa Dt6 a1-m1 (rdt)
TB-4Lb C2 c2
TB-5Sc A2 a2
TB-5Ld Pr pr
TB-6Lc Dt2 a1-m1 (rdt)
TB-7Lb Dt3 a1-m1 (rdt)
TB-8Lc Ac2 bz2-m (Ds)
TB-9Sd C1 c1
TB-9Lc Ac r1:sc-m3 (Ds)
TB-10L19 R1-scm3 r1
TB-10L32 R1-scm3 r1

B-A stocks are named for the translocation present. B-A chromosomes are marked with either a color factor (A1, A2, B1-peru, Bz1, Bz2, C1, C2, Pr1,or R1-scm2) or an autonomous transposable element (Ac or Dt). Except for the recessive color factor indicated above, each tester stock was homozygous for A1, A2, b1, Bz1, Bz2, C1, C2, Pr1, and R1-scm2. Several testers had color factors that possessed insertions of a nonautonomous transposable element (Ds or rdt).