Phenotypic analysis of lin-31 mutant alleles

Allele% deregulateda,bMEL2 div.c
Wild type030/30
e175095 (n = 484)0ND
ga1087 (n = 814)03/15
ga37d87 (n = 906)02/24
ga5780 (n = 648)08/30
ga7084 (n = 438)0ND
ga9d98 (n = 1294)02/21
n104896 (n = 510)0ND
n104996 (n = 1167)04/18
n105094 (n = 1521)0ND
n105394 (n = 934)024/37e
n1282d89 (n = 1195)0ND
n1290d95 (n = 1684)0ND
n1291d54 (n = 676)03/15
n30191 (n = 1098)05/21e
n37693 (n = 1149)01/9
n42895 (n = 1011)0ND
n42995 (n = 1162)0ND
n43582 (n = 989)0ND
n76291 (n = 525)0ND
  • ME, male mating efficiency; ND, not determined.

  • a % deregulated, Muv + Vul + Muv/Vul animals.

  • b Numbers from e1750, ga9, n1049, n1050, n1282, n301, n428, n429, and n435 are from Miller et al. (1993) and were included in the table for completeness.

  • c Numbers indicate number of animals in which any L2 VPC divisions were observed over the total number of animals scored. Note: given the method of scoring (see materials and methods), this number is variably underestimated and should not be used to compare relative strength of alleles.

  • d Transposon-induced alleles.

  • e Some data published in Miller et al. (1993, 1996).