Molecular analysis of lin-31 mutations

AlleleaMutagenType of
Amino acid
Position in protein or geneb,c
n301EMSMissenseG to AArg62 to Gln62Middle of helix 3 in DBD
ga57EMSMissenseA to TAsn68 to Ile68End of helix 3 in DBD
n1053EMSNonsenseG to ATrp57 to amberMiddle of DBD (same as e1750)
e1750EMSNonsenseG to ATrp57 to amberMiddle of DBD (same as n1053)
n435EMSNonsenseC to TGln58 to ochreMiddle of DBD
n1048EMSNonsenseC to TArg62 to amberMiddle of DBD
n762EMSNonsenseG to ATrp87 to amberNear end of DBD
ga70EMSNonsenseC to TArg108 to amberEnd of DBD
ga37dMutatorInsertionJust before start codon (-29 bp)
n1282dMutatorInsertionNear 5′ end of gene
n1291d,eMutatorInsertionNear 5′ end of gene
n1049EMSDeletion69 bpRemoves last third of DBD (1216-1285)
n376EMSDeletion535 bpRemoves last splice site (2960-3495)
ga10EMSDeletion956 bpDeletes all but DBD (3025-3981)
ga9dMutatorFrameshift1 bp lostEnd of DBD (1292)
  • DBD, DNA-binding domain.

  • a In addition, n428, n429, and n1050 were not amplified by PCR and are likely to be deletions of the entire coding region (see text).

  • b The DNA-binding domain extends from amino acids 13 to 109 (Miller et al. 1993).

  • c For insertions and deletions, numbers refer to base pairs, with +1 = A of ATG encoding start codon (Miller et al. 1993).

  • d Transposon-induced alleles.

  • e Data from Miller et al. (1993).