Effect of ste mutations on FUS1-lacZ expression in dpm1-101 mutants

GenotypeFUS1-lacZ expressionaAT resistance (mm)b
Wild type301
dpm1-101 ste4Δ502
dpm1-101 ste5Δ755
dpm1-101 ste20Δ<0.2His
dpm1-101 ste50Δ<0.2His
dpm1-101 ste11Δ<0.2His
dpm1-101 ste7Δ<0.2His
dpm1-101 ste4Δ fus3Δ555
dpm1-101 ste4Δ kss1Δ4His+
dpm1-101 ste4Δ fus3Δ kss1Δ<0.2His
dpm1-101 ste12Δ<0.2His
dpm1-101 ste4Δ tec1Δ532
dpm1-101 ste4Δ hsl7Δ482
dpm1-101 ste4Δ sho1Δ<0.5His
dpm1-101 ste4Δ ssk1Δ522
  • a β-Galactosidase activity was determined as described in materials and methods. The reported values are the average of at least three independent determinations.

  • b The highest concentration of aminotriazole (AT) tested that allowed growth on synthetic medium lacking histidine. His+ refers to growth on SD-His plates but not on SD-His + 1 mm AT.

  • c Deletion of other STE genes in a wild-type cell gave β-galactosidase activity equivalent to that seen in ste4Δ (<0.2 units).