Loss of GAS1 activates FUS1 reporters in a ste4Δ strain

Relevant genotypeCalcofluor (μg/ml)aAT resistance (mm)bFUS1-lacZ expressionc
Wild type80130
ste4Δ gas1-10110His+1.5
ste4Δ gas1Δ10His+1.5
ste4Δ dpm1-10120552
ste4Δ gas1Δ dpm1-10110555
  • a The highest concentration of Calcofluor tested that allowed growth on YPD plates.

  • b The highest concentration of AT (aminotriazole) tested that allowed growth on synthetic plates lacking histidine. His+ refers to cells that grew on SD-His plates but not on SD-His + 1 mm AT.

  • c β-Galactosidase activity was determined as described in materials and methods. The reported values are the average of at least three independent determinations.