Expression of FUS1-lacZ in mannose utilization mutants grown under different carbon sources

FUS1-lacZ (units)a
GenotypeSD + ManbSDYPD
Wild type302733
ste4Δ pmi40-101<0.22.610
ste4Δ pgi1-101<0.20.94
ste4Δ dpm1-10191051
  • a β-Galactosidase activity was determined as described in materials and methods. The reported values are the average of at least three independent determinations.

  • b Except for ste4Δpgi1-101, strains were grown in SD + 10 mm mannose for 16 hr. The cultures were then split into three aliquots, the cells were washed once by centrifugation, and then incubated in either SD + 10 mm mannose (SD + Man), SD only (SD), or rich medium (YPD) for 5 hr. ste4Δpgi1-101 cells were grown in 2% mannose plus 0.1% glucose for 16 hr, and for the SD + Man incubation, 2% mannose plus 0.1% glucose was used in place of 2% glucose and 10 mm mannose.