Quantitation of FUS1 activation, Calcofluor sensitivity, and budding pattern in mutants

Relevant genotype or complementation groupAllelesFUS1-lacZ (units)aAT (mm)bCalcofluor (μg/ml)cNonaxial budding (%)d
Group 1 (ste4Δ pmi40)21021055
Group 2 (ste4Δ pgi1)2311048
Group 3 (ste4Δ dpm1)351102046
Group 4 (ste4Δ gas1)11.512045
Wild type3018010
ste4Δ pce1218045
ste4Δ rga1pbs23568048
ste4Δ STE11-465101050
  • a β-Galactosidase activity was determined as described in materials and methods. The reported values are the average of at least three independent determinations.

  • b The highest concentration of AT (aminotriazole) tested that allowed growth on synthetic plates lacking histidine.

  • c The highest concentration of Calcofluor tested that allowed growth on YPD plates.

  • d The percentage of nonaxial buds was determined for >200 cells in log phase. Cells were stained with Calcofluor white. The experiment was also repeated using wheat germ agglutinin; similar results were obtained.