Yeast strains

StrainRelevant genotypeSource
SY2002aMATa his3::FUS1-HIS3 FUS1-lacZStevenson et al. (1995)
SY2003MATα his3::FUS1-HIS3 FUS1-lacZStevenson et al. (1995)
SY2428MATa ste4Δ mata1 arg4 GAL-STE4 his3::FUS1-HIS3 FUS1-lacZThis study
SY2431MATα ste4Δ lys2 GAL-STE4 his3::FUS1-HIS3 FUS1-lacZThis study
SY3418MATa ste4Δ his3::FUS1-HIS3 FUS1-lacZThis study
SY3419SY2431 pgi1-101This study
SY3420SY2431 pmi40-101This study
SY3421SY2431 dpm1-101This study
SY3422SY2431 gas1-101This study
SY3423SY2431 pce1ΔThis study
SY3424SY2431 rga1Δ pbs2ΔThis study
SY3425SY2002 ste4ΔbThis study
SY3426SY2002 ste4Δ och1ΔThis study
SY3427ste4Δ FUS1-lacZ in JF820This study
SY3428ste4Δ spt14-2 FUS1-lacZ in JF959This study
SY3429SY3418 alg1-1This study
SY3430SY3418 mnn10This study
SY3431SY2431 gas1ΔThis study
SY3432SY2002/SY2003This study
SY3433SY2002/SY2003 pmi40-101/pmi40-101This study
SY3434SY2002/SY2003 pgi1-101/pgi1-101This study
SY3435SY2002 pbs2ΔThis study
SY3436SY2002 bck1ΔThis study
SY3437SY2002 slt2ΔThis study
SY3438SY2002 dpm1-101cThis study
SY3439SY2003 dpm1-101This study
SY3440SY2002 dpm1-101 ste5ΔThis study
SY3441SY2002 dpm1-101 ste50ΔThis study
SY3442SY2002 dpm1-101 ste20ΔThis study
SY3443SY2002 dpm1-101 ste11ΔThis study
SY3444SY2002 dpm1-101 ste7ΔThis study
SY3445SY2002 dpm1-101 fus3Δ kss1ΔThis study
SY3446SY2002 dpm1-101 ste12ΔThis study
SY3447SY2431 dpm1-101 ste5ΔThis study
SY3448SY2431 dpm1-101 ste50ΔThis study
SY3449SY2431 dpm1-101 ste20ΔThis study
SY3450SY2431 dpm1-101 ste11ΔThis study
SY3451SY2431 dpm1-101 ste7ΔThis study
SY3452SY2431 dpm1-101 fus3ΔThis study
SY3453SY2431 dpm1-101 kss1ΔThis study
SY3454SY2431 dpm1-101 fus3Δ kss1ΔThis study
SY3455SY2431 dpm1-101 ste12ΔThis study
SY3456SY2431 dpm1-101 sho1ΔThis study
SY3457SY2431 dpm1-101 ssk1ΔThis study
SY3458SY2431 dpm1-101 tec1ΔThis study
SY3459SY2431 dpm1-101 hsl7ΔThis study
SY3460SY2002 dpm1-101 pbs2ΔThis study
SY3461SY2002 dpm1-101 slt2ΔThis study
SY3462SY2002 dpm1-101 bck1ΔThis study
SY3463SY2431 dpm1-101 pbs2ΔThis study
SY3464SY2431 dpm1-101 slt2ΔThis study
SY3465SY2431 dpm1-101 bck1ΔThis study
SY3466SY2431 gas1Δ dpm1-101This study
  • a SY2002, SY2003, SY2428, and SY2431 were derived from Sc252, a Jim Hopper lab strain; these strains are also ade1 leu2 trpl ura3 his3.

  • b Wild-type strains containing ste gene disruptions have been made but are not listed here.

  • c Strains that contain the pmi40-101 allele instead of the dpml-101 allele (for all dpml-101 strains) have also been made but are not listed here.