NameRelevant genotype; restricting stateSource/reference
K12 W3110 trpA33IN(rrnD-rrnE)1 Δ(e14) trpA33 λ +; EcoK r+ m+, McrA-, McrBC+ Mrr+C. Yanofsky/McKane and Milkman (1995)
ECOR 47, 56, 72Standard wild strains (unknown)H. Ochman/Ochman and Selander (1984)
ER 2476IN(rrnD-rrnE)1 λ-mcrA trpA33 Δ(mcrC-mrr)114::IS10 trpA33; EcoK r- m-, McrA-, McrBC- mrr-This work
BW7622Hfr (PO 44 of Hfr KL96) λ- trpB114::Tn10ECGSCa/Wanner (1986)
BW7623Hfr (PO 43 of Hfr Broda 7) purE79::Tn 10λ-ECGSCa/Wanner (1986)
BW6160Hfr (PO 118 of Hfr Broda 8) λ- zdi-57::Tn10λRECGSCa/Wanner (1986)
CNo. 122 of the National Collection of Type Cultures, LondonBertani and Weigle (1953)
C-1aDerived from C (see text)E. Six/Sasaki and Bertani (1965)
PK1206F-plus (F621) thi argE3 aroD6 rpsL700 galK2 lacY1 mtl-1 manA4Peter Kuempel/Low (1996)
DH5αrecA gyrAECGSCa/Hanahan (1983)
DCFP3DH5α (F621 trg-3120::Tn10kan)This work
DCHF1BW7623 zcj-3118::Tn10kanThis work
DCHF2ECOR 72 (F621 trg-3120::Tn10kan) zbi-29::Tn10This work
DCHF3K12 W3110 trpA33 (F621 trg-3120::Tn10kan) zbi-29::Tn10This work
DCHF4ECOR 47 (F621 trg-3120::Tn10kan) zbi-29::Tn10This work
DCHF5C-1a (F621 trg-3120::Tn10kan) zbi-29::Tn10This work
DCHF7HAZ-12 (K12 with ECOR 47 DNA from ̃1276-1335 kb)This work
  • a E. coli Genetic Stock Center, Yale University, New Haven, CT.