Table 2

Summary of GDP lines

CollectionBDSC LinesIn genesIntergenicNew genes
Spradling et al. 199993489836936
Bellen et al. 2004606251189443910
New EYs11931059134641
Staudt et al. 2005b2842768109
  • The numbers of strains from the indicated sources selected for the GDP collection and currently available at the BDSC are shown. The numbers of strains containing insertions in genes (see Methods) or within intergenic regions are also given. The New Genes column gives the number of genes hit by insertions in that collection that are not hit by insertions from the collections above it in the table. The values reflect the current status of the GDP collection; the values for the Spradling et al. 1999 and Bellen et al. 2004 collections are lower than those originally reported, due to loss or replacement with strains hitting the same gene from later collections (see Methods).

  • a Includes 357 genes hit by lines that were sent to the Harvard Stock Center, rather than BDSC.

  • b The Staudt et al. 2005 collection is also referred to as the Max Plank/EMBL/DeveloGen collection in Methods.