Table 1

Mutator transposons

Line nameMarkerTransposonReferenceMap
EYwhite, yellowP{EPgy2}Bellen et al. 2004Embedded Image
HPwhiteP{EPg}Staudt et al. 2005Embedded Image
DP, GGyellowP{Mae-UAS.6.11}Beinert et al. 2004; Staudt et al. 2005Embedded Image
dwhiteP{XP}Thibault et al. 2004Embedded Image
cwhitePBac{PB}Thibault et al. 2004Embedded Image
ewhitePBac{RB}Thibault et al. 2004Embedded Image
fwhitePBac{WH}Thibault et al. 2004Embedded Image
GwhiteP{EP}Røørth 1996; Kim et al. 2010; GenExel Library at KAIST ( Image
G0, SHwhiteP{lacW}Peter et al. 2002; Oh et al. 2003Embedded Image
MBEGFPMi{ET1}Metaxakis et al. 2005Embedded Image
  • The schematic diagrams are not drawn to scale and are meant only to indicate the components present in each transposon. Thin lines separating some components have been added to prevent labels from overlapping and are not intended to indicate spacers between components. Please refer to the original publications and curated FlyBase reports for details.