A Comprehensive Linkage Map of the Dog Genome

Aaron K. Wong, Alison L. Ruhe, Beth L. Dumont, Kathryn R. Robertson, Giovanna Guerrero, Sheila M. Shull, Janet S. Ziegle, Lee V. Millon, Karl W. Broman, Bret A. Payseur, Mark W. Neff

Supporting Information for Wong et al., 2010

Supporting Information

  • Supporting Information - Figures S1-S6, Files S1-S4, and Tables S1-S5 (PDF, 100 KB)
  • Figure S1 - An X Chromosome linkage map with denoted PAR (PDF, 492 KB)
  • Figure S2 - Ratio of sex-specific recombination rates across autosomes (PDF, 320 KB)
  • Figure S3 - FISH analysis of suspected mis-orientation in canFam2 of CFA 27 and CFA 32 (PDF, 464 KB)
  • Figure S4 - Inter-individual variation in global recombination frequency during meiosis (PDF, 92 KB)
  • Figure S5 - Chromosome-specific linkage maps (CFA1-19) (PDF, 6.4 MB)
  • Figure S6 - Chromosome -specific linkage maps (CFA20-38) (PDF, 4.4 MB)
  • Table S1 - Panel of 36 purebred dogs for assessing marker performance (PDF, 44 KB)
  • Table S2 - Design parameters for markers in this study (PDF, 36 KB)
  • Table S4 - Loci tagging discrepancies between map and canFam2 (PDF, 48 KB)
  • Table S5 - Testing autosome orientation against observed chromosomal patterns of recombination rate variation (PDF, 52 KB)