A Simple Regression-Based Method To Map Quantitative Trait Loci Underlying Function-Valued Phenotypes
Il-Youp Kwak, Candace R. Moore, Edgar P. Spalding, Karl W. Broman


Most statistical methods for QTL mapping focus on a single phenotype. However, multiple phenotypes are commonly measured, and recent technological advances have greatly simplified the automated acquisition of numerous phenotypes, including function-valued phenotypes, such as growth measured over time. While there exist methods for QTL mapping with function-valued phenotypes, they are generally computationally intensive and focus on single-QTL models. We propose two simple, fast methods that maintain high power and precision and are amenable to extensions with multiple-QTL models using a penalized likelihood approach. After identifying multiple QTL by these approaches, we can view the function-valued QTL effects to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying processes. Our methods have been implemented as a package for R, funqtl.

  • Received May 15, 2014.
  • Accepted June 8, 2014.