Notch signaling regulates multiple developmental processes and is implicated in various human diseases. Through use of the Notch transcriptional co-activator mastermind, we conducted a screen for Notch signal modifiers using the Exelixis collection of insertional mutations, which affects ∼50% of the Drosophila genome, recovering 160 genes never before associated with Notch, extending the previous roster of genes that interact functionally with the Notch pathway and mastermind. As the molecular identity for most recovered genes is known, gene ontology (GO) analysis was applied, grouping genes according to functional classifications. We identify novel Notch-associated GO categories, uncover nodes of integration between Notch and other signaling pathways, and unveil groups of modifiers that suggest the existence of Notch-independent mastermind functions, including a conserved ability to regulate Wnt signaling.


  • Communicating editor: R. S. Hawley

  • Received August 22, 2007.
  • Accepted October 11, 2007.
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