On the theory of partially inbreeding finite populations. III. Fixation probabilities under partial selfing when heterozygotes are intermediate in viability.
E Pollak, M Sabran


In a previous paper by the senior author, an approximation to the probability of survival was given for a mutant, which is originally present in a single heterozygote, in a population that reproduces partly by selfing and partly by random mating. The population was assumed to be very large, but the result obtained is general with regard to the level of dominance in viability. In this paper two errors which were made in that earlier work are corrected. A general approximate expression is then derived for the probability that an allele A is fixed in a partially self fertilizing population of size N, if its initial frequency is p, selection is weak and heterozygotes with the allele are exactly intermediate in viability compared with genotypes AA and AA. A rigorous proof is given for a special case that is a generalization of the classical binomial sampling model. In this case, but not in general, the approximate fixation probability is independent of the probability of reproduction by selfing. Some implications are discussed.