The hyper-gene conversion hpr5-1 mutation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an allele of the SRS2/RADH gene.
L Rong, F Palladino, A Aguilera, H L Klein


The HPR5 gene has been defined by the mutation hpr5-1 that results in an increased rate of gene conversion. This mutation suppresses the UV sensitive phenotype of rad18 mutations in hpr5-1 rad18 double mutants by channeling the aborted repair events into a recombination repair pathway. The HPR5 gene has been cloned and is shown to be allelic to the SRS2/RADH gene, a putative DNA helicase. The HPR5 gene, which is nonessential, is tightly linked to the ARG3 locus chromosome X. The hpr5-1 allele contains missense mutation in the putative ATP binding domain. A comparison of the recombination properties of the hpr5-1 allele and the null allele suggests that recombination events in hpr5 defective strains can be generated by several mechanisms. We propose that the HPR5 gene functions in the RAD6 repair pathway.